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Call Today (518) 373-0770 or (800) 694-0770   |   1650 Route 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065
Call Today (518) 373-0770 or (800) 694-0770   |   1650 Route 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065
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My wife and I were determined to place a high quality TV system in our living room but the infrastructure appeared to make that impossible. We had spoken to two other local companies who told us that brick walls behind the desired wall locations would not allow us to hang a monitor. Instead, they suggested we purchase a credenza and sit a television atop the new piece of furniture. This was not only veryexpensive but was aesthetically unacceptable.

Last Fall, a year after these disappointing discussions, Ambiance Systems offered a suggestion. We had two symmetrical paneled closets on either side of our large fireplace, but they were relatively narrow and the doors did not open to more than ninety degrees. Ambience provided an ingenious solution. They were able to install an armature in the back of one of the closets that held a 55” monitor, vertically. The monitor could then be pulled out of the closet and twisted horizontally, sufficiently far enough from the closet doors to make the rotation possible. Simultaneously, they employed new hinges that allowed the closet doors to open to almost 180 degrees, allowing clear passage for the monitor as it was pulled out for viewing or placed back into the closet for storage.

It was a brilliant plan. The cost exactly equalled their quote which was half of an earlier quote from another vendor for a wall mounted system. The Ambience staff was always courteous, prompt and technically expert. We have never had a more satisfying purchase experience, including any cars, appliances or other home entertainment items we have purchased. I give them an ‘eleven’ out of ‘ten’.

- Jeff Altamari, Saratoga Springs, NY

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