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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Smart Home Automation

Join the Growing Movement of Smart Home Owners in Saratoga, Springs NY

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is growing at a rapid pace. According to a study done by CNET, more than a quarter of Americans already own some kind of smart home product, and 81 percent of smart home device owners say they would be more willing to buy a home with connected technology in place. Not only are Americans more interested in smart home technology, but home owners and builders have found that smart home automation drastically raises a property’s value and makes it sell faster. Whether you already have a full smart home system or just a few small gadgets like a Nest thermostat or surveillance camera, we’re here to explain the full value of owning a smart home. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider installing smart home automation technology in your Saratoga Springs, New York home.

1. Increase Property Value

When you buy a house, you certainly want to make sure the roof isn’t leaking, it includes the necessary amenities and has enough space, but you also want that “wow” factor. It could be the curb appeal or the spa-like master bathroom, but smart home technology definitely fits that category. It can also improve your energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly utility bills. Multi-room music, dedicated home theater, smart thermostat, lighting control, and motorized shades are just a few “big ticket” items that will not only raise the value and price of your property, but they will also help entice buyers down the road if you ever have to move. But with so many customized features, why would you want to?

2. Electronic Infrastructure

By installing the right wiring, smart control systems, audiovisuals and networking you’ll be ensuring that your home is ready for the future. It’s much easier to update systems or add on to them when you already have the proper infrastructure in place. Millennials are already quickly adopting new technologies, like smart thermostats, home theater systems and wireless speakers. Although, in the next 20 years, you probably won’t see flying cars or real hover boards, reports are showing that most homes will have smart tech of some kind, including climate control systems with smart thermostats, wireless music, whole house video, and mobile control. The best part about working with a professional integrator is that our team will be right by your side for the long haul – any time you need an update, renovation or repair. Being “future proof” means you stay in the know on what’s happening, what’s on the horizon and how to prepare for it.

3. Enhance Your Lifestyle

Of course the important values of increasing the price ticket on your home and preparing for the future are a huge draw on why you should make an investment in home technology. However, another essential reason (and perhaps the most motivating) is that living in a smart home can enhance your everyday life – and not to mention it’s just plain cool. Imagine you smart system gently waking you up every morning. First the blackout shades in your bedroom rise five minutes before your alarm goes off and then the lights gradually get brighter until the whole room is luminous. The mirror TV in your bathroom turns on the morning news and the coffee maker downstairs begins filling your home with that lovely java smell. With a smart system, you can create scenes like this for every activity and occasion – like “goodnight” “vacation” “party” or “dinner time”. Additionally, there is an increased quality of life when you don't have to run all over your home to turn off all the lights. You can just push the good-bye button when you leave and all the lights your kids left on will be turned off automatically.

Why Ambiance Systems?

With over 30 years of experience, Ambiance Systems has been bringing smart home automation and commercial solutions to the areas of Eastern New York. Not only are we an award-winning integration firm, but we also have a highly trained and certified staff that is both knowledgeable and accommodating. We’re known for amazing service and custom solutions, meaning we can implement any technology your desire. To make your home smart, fill out this online form.

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