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How to Save Energy with Your Saratoga Springs Smart Home

Use an Energy Management System to Impact Your Environment

How to Save Energy with Your Saratoga Springs Smart Home

Monitoring and managing your New York home’s energy is not a novel idea; most power companies give you stats and monthly – even hourly – analysis as well as tips to make improvements. New gadgets like the smart thermostat Nest have made it easier for families to control how much electricity they use. While Nest is an incredible piece of technology, if you want to further your effort of saving energy, you can work with a local integrator in Saratoga County like us. Statistics show that most people adopt smart home automation because they want added security and convenience, but another top reason is saving energy. It may seem counterintuitive to invest in devices and technologies that use a decent amount of power, but with the right energy management system and strategy, the investment will pay off big time. Keep reading this blog to learn how our unique, proprietary energy management technology can help your family save energy, time, and the environment. 

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How does an energy management system differ from a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat gives you the ability to control your home’s temperature via a mobile device. So you could be at work and take a look at your home’s temperature to make sure the air conditioning is not too low.

Our smart home thermostats and energy management systems on the other hand can be easily programmed and customized at any time. So if your parents like the house a little warmer when they come to visit, you can open your smart home app on your tablet and make sure it stays at 75 degrees from Monday to Wednesday when they leave. Then select your normal energy-saving settings as soon as they say goodbye. Our systems also give you more analysis than a typical power company would, as well as more opportunities to save. Remember, saving energy isn’t only about your HVAC – it is related to your lighting, shading, and other plugged-in devices too.

What parts are involved in an energy management system?

To make the most impact, we recommend you install a smart lighting and shading system – in addition to a smart thermostat. Smart lighting gives you more control over which lights are left on and when. We can also install occupancy and vacancy sensors so as soon as you leave the room the lights turn off. Dimmers help as well; we recommend lowering lighting levels by at least 30% to boost savings. Motorized shades help by controlling how much sunlight comes into the room. So if your home tends to get super hot around noon, causing your HVAC to work extra hard to cool it, you can lower solar shades that still let some light in but block those powerful UV rays. So you’ll still be able to brighten the house naturally with your windows – saving even more energy by turning lights off – but control the home’s temperature too.

In the smart home world, all of your home’s features and pieces work together for the same goals – saving energy and adding comfort and convenience. Since it’s all connected, it will be easier for you to manage and control the settings too.

This is just a brief overview of how our energy management systems work. To learn more and get started working with us today, fill out this online form.

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